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About Us

Graduate Institute of Management



The Graduate Institute of Management was founded in 1979.
At present, it is responsible for the School of Management's PhD in Management program (formerly EDBA program);
as well as the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program, focusing on two different fields: "Executive management and entrepreneurship" and "Technology and service management".
Our PhD and EMBA programs are designed for experienced senior managers and offer innovative curricula arranged to accommodate the working professional. Each year, 10 students for the PhD program and 30 students for each field of the EMBA program are accepted.
These programs offer challenging classroom experiences, networking opportunities, a sense of community and world-class teaching from top-notch faculty who are excellent in their abilities and committed to their research and teaching.
The program's flexible schedule enables students to balance the demands of work and family while pursuing a graduate degree.


EMBA Case-Writing Seminar-2011/10/29

New Student Orientation at Jiaoxi Yilan-2011/06/18