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EDBA Academic Requirements

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
School of Management
EDBA Academic Regulation

  • The maximum study period of an EDBA student is 7 years. Based on the NTUST Study Regulations, an EDBA student who cannot complete the required courses or finish a thesis within the study period, is permitted to apply for an extension of study. 2 years is granted as the extension.
  • The minimum required credit is 24 units. An EDBA student is granted the degree only after successfully defending a Ph.D. thesis.
  • Courses in the EDBA program are classified as follows:
    • Basic Courses: Production and Operations Management (3 credit-units), Marketing Management (3 credit-units), Organization and Management (3 credit-units), Management Information System (3 credit-units), Financial Management (3 credit-units). If an EDBA student was able to take those courses or the related courses before; he/she can apply for course exemption. Otherwise, these basic courses must be taken and completed. The unit-credits of the Basic courses are not included or counted in the minimum required 24 credit-units for EDBA program.
    • Core courses: The thesis advisor is responsible for guiding the EDBA student on dissertation course selection.
    • Elective Courses: All courses in the EMBA program in the School of Management can be regarded as elective courses. The students can also take the Regular Graduate courses as elective courses.
    • The above three course requirements are suitable for EDBA students enrolled in the program after 92 academic year. The required courses the student enrolled in 90 and 91 academic year should be determined by individual advisor.
  • Four units shall be credited for graduation form an EDBA student’s overseas business studies.
  • An EDBA student passed the qualify exam will be EDBA candidate.
  • An EDBA student should pass the qualify exam in two academic years after enrolled in the program. Otherwise the student status would not be qualified, The EDBA student passed the qualify exam should select the dissertation advisor within one academic year.
  • Qualify exam will be written oriented. Students enrolled after 93 academic years should pass “Advanced Research Method” and “Advanced Statistics”. 70 point is the minimum requirement for passing each course. Each EDBA student could attend no more then two times of exam for each course.
  • The qualify exam will be taken place once in each semester. The student should fill the exam application form according to the academic schedule for each semester.
  • An EDBA candidate should get a dissertation advisor agreement from a faculty in the School of Management NTUST.
  • The academic advisor for each EDBA student will be responsible for the student’s course selection and dissertation. The head of the Graduate Institute of Management would be the temporarily advisor before the student determines the academic advisor.
  • An EDBA student can shift to another advisor under the agreement of both new and original advisors.
  • An EDBA student is required to publish at least one paper in SCI, SSCI or TSSCI journals, The first author of the published paper should be the student or his/her advisor under the affiliation of any academic institute in the School of Management in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The requirements for the number of published papers are:


    Years of Enrollment Journal Level/ Number of Papers
    Shorter or equal to 4 years At least one paper in SCI or SSCI journals
    Longer than 4 years
    • At least one paper in SCI or SSCI journals or
    • At least two papers in TSSCI journals plus an international conference paper


  • An EDBA student could apply oral exam once he/she has fulfilled the paper publication requirement and under the agreement of both academic advisor and the head of he management institute. The required documents for oral exam are:
    • Thesis Publication accepted certification
    • Doctoral Dissertation Examination Application
    • A copy of dissertation draft and its abstract
    • A recommendation letter from thesis advisor
    • A list of Degree Examination Committee members
    • Transcripts through the whole study year
    The dissertation oral exam can be taken place after the above required documents are approved by the head of department and dean of graduate institutes/schools
  • Any regulations no mentioned in this regulation shall be dealt in accordance with the NTUST Study Regulations and other related policies.
  • The regulation should take effect upon approval by Graduate Institute of Management meeting. The same procedure will be repeated for each revision.